About the project
4 Brands - a start-up in the real estate industry. The company name already existed, the brand identity, brand development and positioning were the tasks we were entrusted with. In addition to strategic consulting, the corporate design was developed. The clear positioning and the reference to the real estate industry could be established by the filigree visualization of the logo as well as by the created claim. The client was enthusiastic about the creativity and the efficient, uncomplicated cooperation. 4Brands GmbH has meanwhile been successfully launched.

Brand identity
Brand positioning
Brand and claim development
corporate design

4Brands GmbH

Primary color petrol

CMYK: 90 | 0 | 80
HEX: #00374d

Secondary color gold

CMYK: 13 | 20 | 58 | 8
HEX: #d7bd78

Secondary color white

CMYK: 0 | 0 | 0
HEX: #ffffff