About the project
AAR bus+bahn is more than just a "technical" company, but that is exactly how the company was perceived. Branding and repositioning were the challenges of this project. From consulting, target group definition and tonality to a completely new CI/CD, everything was revised. The focus was on the people. The new positioning and branding achieved great sympathy among all stakeholders, because from now on AAR bus+bahn was not just a train and bus company, but a company that connects people!

Strategy Consulting

AAR bus+train

AAR bus+train. We connect people.

People in everyday public transport situations

From commuters to families to teenagers: this overarching basic concept is followed by the visual language. The authentic experience of the moment, in connection with people in the surroundings, is the focus here. The pictures tell short stories and show the small moments of happiness in everyday life, always in connection with AAR bus+bahn.

3 days, 13 locations, 20 models, 1650 photos

Web branding

Thanks to the collaboration with Stadler Rail and the Innova Design Team, we were able to rework the branding for AAR bus+bahn for their rolling stock - both the interior and exterior.