About the project
Dubai or Morocco are known; but what about the other countries in the Middle East or North Africa? The purpose of the Arabian Souk Committee is to create training platforms and thus increase the know-how of travel consultants for the target region Middle East. The result is a B2B platform with a wide variety of elements that fully meet the specified objectives. We are entrusted with the conception, coordination with service providers in Germany and abroad, organization and implementation. Depending on the host country, we also organize an evening event afterwards. The Arabian Souk takes place annually, found great acceptance among all dialogue groups and already celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019. Today, it is the most established B2B platform for these two destinations.

Budget management
Off- & online marketing

Arabian Souk Committee

30 Partner

250 participants

6 presentations

1 host country

1 Plenum

1 Marketplace

"The Arabian Souk is the perfect mix of presentations and Marketplace - the most popular platform for the Arabian region!"

- Travelnews