About the project
When a local brand of Migros Genossenschaft Luzern is positioned nationally, a brand development is required and a national brand is developed from the local brand, then we are on the spot. In close cooperation with the management of IBAW (Institute for Vocational Education and Training), the brand was further developed based on the vision/mission jointly defined in our workshops as well as the core values developed. The branding was also carried out on a visual level and the logo and claim as well as the CD/CI were implemented in a fresh, modern and contemporary way. The jointly developed marketing and communication strategy were the foundation for the successful national launch in all parts of the country. The brand was launched with a wide variety of creative measures and communicated through a national campaign on all channels (digital and OHH). The customer is "happy" and so are we. The launch was very successful and promising.

Conception & Strategy

IBAW (A Migros Group Brand)