About the project
Within a very short period of time, we were able to implement two forward-looking projects for ZURZACH Care. The new magazine was to be modern, fresh and attractive for the target group. The annual report was published in digital form for the first time in the company's history. From the concept idea to the visual implementation - full focus on the quality and positioning of the ZURZACH Care brand.

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ZURZACH Care annual report goes digital

An annual report is more than just an announcement of business success. Today, it has become an essential image component and serves as an image transfer between the company and its stakeholders. In order to convey this more emotionally, the annual report was implemented digitally for the first time this year. The advantages are clear: storytelling is the focus and selected content can be presented more vividly to the viewer through animations. The modernity within the design and conception significantly strengthens the positioning of the company. With our guiding idea "looks" we give the appearance a clear orientation. On the one hand, a look back at the figures, statistics and activities, but also an outlook on the following business year. Thanks to the imagery and the visual style, a special character was achieved. The result can be viewed online and gives us, but also the customer, great pleasure.

To the digital annual report

KOMPAKT - The new magazine from ZURZACH Care:
A new magazine has been launched to strengthen the new ZURZACH Care brand. In addition to information and news about the company, the magazine also covers the areas of prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration. On the one hand, the magazine is intended for the professional audience as well as for the circulation in medical practices.

Our assignment was to submit proposals for the naming, visual and content concept of the magazine. This was to be done while taking into account the overriding central idea and the brand personality. The stringent creative concept reflects the quality and positioning of the ZURZACH Care brand and achieves great sympathy gains with all target groups.