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1 team. 3 locations.

Your price advantage.

A highly specialized team of over 50 employees from the areas of strategy consulting, communication, programming as well as event management supports you from conception and creation to the realization of the planned measures. In order to optimize your price, we offer you local consulting with decentralized programming in the digital area. Because we care about your budget. And the best part: our motivation to go the extra mile for your success.

Hello from Switzerland

Here is our home and your direct contact!

Hello from Germany

This is where other digital experts sit. This is where we design and program for all it's worth.

Hello from Slovakia

Thanks to our programming you get the best prices!

Your local contacts.

At home in Zurich.

Heinz Zimmermann

CEO & Owner

My philosophy of life "If you can dream it, you can do it!" has shaped and motivated my actions since my youth and is now also part of the DNA and corporate culture of the Top Line Group. It is nice to see that many of these dreams have already been realized for me, but also for our customers. Boredom? I don't know any. As a long-standing marketing exam expert at various universities, advisory board member and committee member in various organizations, "boredom" will always be a foreign word for me. And that is good!

No pain, no gain...

  • Studies Business Administration & Communication University of Geneva & Zurich
  • Further education Eidg. dipl. marketing manager
  • Expert for positioning and branding strategies

I really like that...

  • Challenges - again and again
  • Solution oriented people
  • The digital world - despite my age...
  • Ski slopes - until the knees glow...

Less mine...

  • Problem finder instead of problem solver
  • Intolerance - in every area
  • "Blender" - more appearance than reality
  • Seafood - rather good pasta!

Noah Baumann

Graphic designer

Honestly, I simply enjoy my work. From brainstorming and planning to the final fine-tuning. It's not just about the projects themselves, but also about the people behind them.

That's what sets me apart:

  • Aargauer but not a driver
  • Coffee and mate lovers
  • I am interested in design of all kinds

Not so mine:

  • Bland food
  • Poor design
  • Slow computers


Over 50 employees, spread across our 3 locations. All of them put their heart and soul into their work and are ready to go the extra mile.

Jack Benz

Graphic designer

Design builds bridges, makes information visible, structures and enables the invisible to transform into impressions. Culture is my home, colors and shapes my world. As a designer, I combine all this into a path that I follow with passion.


  • Walking barefoot through nature
  • Explore history and people
  • Immerse yourself in science fiction and fantasy
  • Place flat funny dad jokes


  • Cultivate small mind
  • Accept intolerance
  • Accept despondency

Andreas Pernsteiner

Agency Manager

I have made my passion my profession. I love design. I really do! There is nothing more beautiful than aesthetic photos, crisp headlines and intelligent advertising. Or is there? And although life is often not a wishful thinking concert, I try to make the world around us a little more interesting and pretty.

That's what sets me apart:

  • Full-blooded Viennese with Swiss values
  • Black carrier but not painter
  • Typo Finder
  • Wannabe copywriter. I can really do it. Swear!
  • Hobby psychologist

Not so mine...

  • Koreander - fie devil
  • Stupid questions - OH DOH - they exist!
  • Sounds of flip flops in the office

Jörg Wenzel

Managing Partner Top Line Digital

You could call me a "man of the first hour"; the digital world was already my topic in the 90s when most marketing experts hardly knew in which "abstract world" I was moving. Today, everyone is aware of the rapid development of digitalization and it is an integral part of every company/marketing concept and it is impossible to imagine life without it. For me, profession and passion at the same time. As co-owner of Top Line Digital AG, we offer the full range of the digital field and there is no challenge that does not excite me.

That's when I blossom:

  • Ticino with pasta and red wine
  • Morning fitness
  • The digital world
  • Collaboration with problem solvers

Not for me:

  • Inefficiency - and it doesn't go forward...
  • Driving a car - prefer public transport
  • Boredom - I prefer to leave to others!
  • Print things...

Marie-Noëlle Oustin

Project Manager

I have always been passionate about people and communication. After my studies in "Business Communication", I found my professional place in the field of Marketing & Communication, more precisely in Event Management. In my career in various sectors, such as the finance and luxury industries, I have already been able to realize many great projects, gaining new and exciting experiences and getting to know interesting people. I love collecting ideas with my customers and partners, creating and implementing new concepts from A to Z, trying out new things together and bringing products and brands to life in front of people. This is where I am in my element!

That's what sets me apart:

  • Communicative & open personality
  • "Hands-on mentality
  • Team player
  • Organizational talent

Not really my cup of tea:

  • I-people
  • Black and white thinking
  • Dishonesty
  • Intolerance #Liveandletlive


We try to use as little paper as possible. For the sake of the environment.

Sven Häberlin


"First things don't happen, second things don't happen." That's how I've felt all my life - and that's what makes it so exciting. It also means being open to new things, a basic requirement for my work in online marketing. This dynamic field requires constant adaptation and a lot of flexibility and always brings new opportunities. In addition, I have the privilege of imparting this knowledge at several universities of applied sciences and higher technical colleges.

I really like that:

  • Our team
  • Time with my family
  • People who approach me openly and positively
  • Wellness days to recharge the batteries
  • Good food & time with friends

I don't like that:

  • Know-it-all
  • Emotionality instead of objectivity in challenges
  • Ducking around
  • Offal - with few exceptions

Tsering Zimmermann

Finance & HR Manager

Multiculturalism is my life. As a Tibetan from the Grisons to the cosmopolitan city of Zurich. But my biggest step was definitely the decision to move from Zurich to Aargau... My beloved main job is my "4-person family SME" at home. My part-time job in HR and Finance is another passion!

I like that:

  • My family SME
  • The mountain world in the Grisons
  • Light cuisine
  • Travel/Foreign Cultures
  • Interior design

I don't like that:

  • Arrogance & Ignorance
  • Disrespect
  • Impatience
  • Spotlight

Priska Kunz

Art director

I'm not the early bird - I still get the worm! Preferably the night before, because then I'm in the flow. To get the best out of a design and to visually emphasize a good statement (with rewording if you like) - that's my passion. I love my job because the industry is constantly evolving. There is something new? GO FOR IT! You never stop learning and that's a good thing! My motto: "Those who think they are something have stopped becoming something."

That's me:

  • Small but mighty!
  • It gets better, always! #Perfectionist
  • Amateur social media professional
  • I play to win #Töggelen
  • Quota blonde but not stereotype
  • Cheerful nature, but can also be serious

I don't like that:

  • My alarm clock #Morning Grumpy
  • "We've always done it this way" people
  • Beating around the bush - Get to the point, please!

Nadja Zehnder

Graphic designer

I have a great passion for advertising and design. With a smile on my lips, I design appealing advertising materials that reach the target audience. The needs of my clients are always in focus. I look for innovative solutions to best meet their individual needs.

That describes me:

  • Travel, get to know foreign cultures
  • Baking, the more complicated the cake, the more motivated I am
  • Cooking, I prefer to test something new
  • Draw
  • Spend time with family, friends and godchild

Not my cup of tea:

  • Arrogance
  • The sound of metal scraping against metal

Nina Wolf

Senior consultant

Whether it's finding ideas, implementing them optimally or finding solutions - you can rely on me in every situation. Customer satisfaction paired with creative and effective results, give me the drive to always give my all. For me, every customer is my team partner and every project is my baby.

That's what sets me apart:

  • I always have a plan (even if it doesn't always seem like it)
  • Everything is easier with humor
  • Swabian by birth with love for cooking and baking
  • Relaxation best with a good book
  • Crazy 5 minutes - Yes, I can!
  • Lovable klutz

I don't like that:

  • If I do not get an answer
  • Arrogance and arrogance
  • Talking around it - Get to the point and don't make it more complicated than it is
  • Fun free existence
  • What is called "spaetzle" all over the world

Heiri Angele

Digital Advisor

I have no fear of digitalization! My first project in the working world was the integration of contract, claims and billing data for the purpose of automatic posting. Paper was gone, many things went faster and complex manual processes were replaced. That was in 1994. Simplifying processes, digitizing them and evaluating the data generated in the process requires creativity, quick thinking and sufficient attention to detail. It is always surprising how modern technical possibilities can be used to rethink proven processes.

Is part of me:

  • Running on the road
  • Socially committed
  • There is always something to learn
  • Problems are there to be solved

I do not need:

  • Talking around the bush
  • Statements like "Not my problem!"
  • Fasnachtschüechli

Olivia Traber

Project Manager

People often ask me what fascinates me so much about online marketing. 1, 2, 3 ... exactly Online marketing is measurable. But it is also creative, analytical and consulting-intensive at the same time. In the field of online marketing I can use my strengths in different ways and present the customer with a result that hopefully makes him happy.

That's what sets me apart:

  • Organizational talent
  • Just test it out
  • Tidiness is half the battle - things must always be tidy at home too
  • Pattycake - I have received many a compliment for my desserts

I don't like that:

  • People who think they know everything better
  • Arrogance
  • Goat cheese
  • Mega fingernails and its sound when typing on a cell phone

Christian Egelmair


The fact that I have made my own passion my profession makes the passion of others even more transparent and comprehensible. Working with people and their passions is something of the greatest. If I can then put everything in the right light, then the work is enormously enjoyable. My favorite thing to do is to be outdoors. For the right location a few hours hiking, with bike or touring skis on the mountain? No problem! On the other hand, it is absolutely fascinating to develop the right light for a face or a product in the studio. Making this visible is my challenge.

My world:

  • Powderturns
  • Dusty trails and mountain passes by bike
  • 4:30 Sunrises on the summit
  • Light and shadow
  • Adrenalin
  • Teamwork

Not my thing:

  • Conceptlessness
  • Lies
  • Arrogance
  • Envy


We are pleased to be honored time and again for exceptional performance. Nevertheless, the focus is not on the awards, but on you as a customer!

Erica Sauta

PR / Text

Behind every company, every product and every service is a story. As a PR specialist and copywriter, I track down stories, turn clients into heroes and get them the full attention of their favorite audience. With words that follow actions or with actions that follow words.

That's what sets me apart:

  • I text, therefore I am
  • Summer lover with a strong urge to swim
  • I love the life I live
  • Either right or not at all
  • #bookrat

My decision:

  • Owl or lark? Mega owl.
  • Apple or Microsoft? As clear as an apple has cores.
  • Beatles or Stones? Let it Be!


We answer and process an average of 2373 emails per week.

Jessica Roth

Project Manager

My passion has always been communication. After studying general linguistics and gaining my first experience in the PR industry, I now dedicate myself to the marketing world. Managing exciting projects from start to finish and achieving measurable success is what I thrive on.

That's what sets me apart:

  • Being cerebral and analyzing a hundred times - I can
  • Passion for clean interior design with a little obsession for order
  • Scent man

Not so mine:

  • Junkers who do everything at the last minute

Carmen Brunner

Project Manager

Digital marketing never gets boring and always challenges you - that's exactly how I like it! What's more, this field is right on the pulse of the times and couldn't be more diverse. Where are the latest developments heading? What else will be possible in the future? I can't get enough of it. I also enjoy communicating know-how about this topic to customers in a language they understand.

I love that:

  • Dogs; warm fluffy dog fur - wonderful!
  • Cooking for and eating with friends
  • Technological developments
  • Good design in any area: Clothing, living, in the digital world
  • Original films and good conversations

I don't like that:

  • Boredom
  • Repetitions and time delays
  • Selfish and arrogant people
  • Coriander
  • Clutter

Stefan Joss

Project Manager

I appreciate the digital world because it is diverse and exciting at the same time. My experience and flexibility come from the fact that I've had the opportunity to work in many industries and be involved in numerous digital projects during my career. For me, customer satisfaction comes first - but also the certainty of having given my best in every situation. I love not only the specifics of online marketing, but also the interpersonal relationships that are created and serve as the foundation of a strong working relationship.

That's what sets me apart:

  • Positive and optimistic attitude
  • I deal with problems in a solution-oriented manner and with a cool head
  • "Hands-on" mentality
  • Always interested in new developments
  • Seek balance in nature and playing tennis
  • I grew up bilingual - speak fluent (Swiss) German and Italian

I don't like that:

  • Overreacting to any problem
  • The "know-it-all" and the "all-rounder
  • Intransparency
  • Inconsistency

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